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Stage ARNICA 2019 – jour 4


Compte rendu du stage d’été Arnis Doblete Rapilon sous la supervision de GM Dani Faynot.

Jour 4 – Texte de Vincent (Holland)

For the forth day in a row, you wake up at 6 o’clock. The temptation to stay in bed has greatly increased, but you get ready anyway.

While you check your bodyfor injuries, you think to yourself. The lash of a stick here, a bruise there, why did I come here again?

7 o’clock, the training starts again. This time some light-weight exercices and afterwards, the Mimar. This staff looks light, but after 20 minutes swinging it around, you start to notice your accumulated exhaustion. Th e training of the week is starting to take is toll.

9:30-ish, for the few that like to get their hands hit, this the perfect opportunity, Mimar sparring.

And then disarming using a stick.

3 o’clock. You start to sit down with an instructor to prepare an exercice. The exercice is to teach your peers about parries, blocks or deflections in 10 minutes.

Sound easy, right?

Vincent in action

Well, it isn’t. As you go through the process, you realise . how much brain power is actually needed to understand a technique and all it’s details. Doing it, sure, no problem. Knowing what happens, completely different.

6 o’clock as you make your way back to your accommodation, a question pops in your head, the same one as 12 hours ago : « Why am I doing this? »

And you think: « The pain is great but the gain is even greater, and I am blessed to be spending my holiday with this wonderful group. »

Merci pour tout.

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